Sectoral Health Protocol against COVID-19 for Tourism


Traveling through Peru: The protocols you should know

Many months dreaming, the time has finally come. Peru gradually opens doors to travelers, following all biosecurity measures against COVID-19,to guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Our priority will always be our collaborators and clients who choose us to discover Peru.

Thinking about them we have worked our protocols that include, measures to adapt to the new reality of tourism, which are part of our operations so that they go according to current regulations.


Our way of traveling has changed, but the desire to discover the world and enjoy unforgettable experiences remain the same. In Machu Picchu Travel Adviser,we do not stop working to offer the best experience, with the greatest security against COVID-19



Much of the tourist attractions in Peru are already open to the public, such as archaeological sites and museums. Some of them have specific protocols, but, in all, these general guidelines are followed that you should always keep in mind when traveling through our country:

  • The use of a mask is mandatory.

  • Hand disinfection, either with soap and water or alcohol gel, should be constant.

  • Social distance between visitors must be maintained.

The decrease in infections and the measures taken by citizens to take care of their health, has allowed the Government to increase the capacity of visitors to these places and allowed the visit of children under 12 years of age. Additionally, destinations like Machu Picchu have more specific protocols that you can review here:



The best ally of social distancing in tourism is outdoor activities. Programs and itineraries with hikes or adventure experiences will be enhanced in the future, and Peru is one of the countries with more options to take advantage of.

However, despite developing in a safer environment, it is also necessary to follow protocols during these operations, for this we have prepared all the protocols that will allow all our passengers to reconnect with nature and the history of our country, enjoying safely: